I’ve never been great with plants. That’s what I tell myself, anyway. Last weekend I went ahead and got three separate potted plants and much to my surprise they are thriving. I bought a rose bush, impatiens and some other mix of purple and white flowers. It was a bit daunting for me to choose from all the plants at the nursery…so I just got whatever I thought would be hardest to kill. My mom said not to be afraid of the roses…just don’t over water them. They are looking really pretty right now. The pictures show the very first bud that came out a few days ago…from bud to full bloom (and now in my living room). It didn’t occur to me until today to give it a sniff. It smells amazing!

I’m working hard at remembering to water and not over-water and also to check for BEES before reaching into the planters, moving the planters…I swear the last bee/wasp/stingy thing I saw was robotic or on steroids…it was giant and pointy and I imagine it having angry eyebrows, wearing a derby and smoking a cigar (shivers).

image credit: © Aimee McEwen

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