be back soon

MoonThis morning I opened my eyes and realized that I was having trouble reading my phone… not reading, really, just trying to get it switched over to snooze. Bits of wiggly light obscuring the vision in my left eye let me know that I was in for a migraine.

It’s called Aura… and it lasts about thirty minutes. It’s a pretty effective “warning system” for migraine. You’re not in pain but your vision is wonky. You aren’t “blind” but it’s a little disorienting and very annoying if you’re trying to read or, you know, DRIVE. Once you’ve had it a few times you stop worrying that you’re having a stroke. All I had to do was take a shower so I figured I could manage fine… but just in case… I checked for stroke (everybody does that, right?)

Alright, then…no stroke… you’ll have to go to work today… hop in the shower.

The rest of the morning is kind of fuzzy. I know I got myself dressed and fed the animals then drove myself to work. The sun was excruciatingly bright. Thankfully, I avoided the dry heaves (gross, sorry) that can happen sometimes with migraines. I ate some oatmeal and aside from the head pain, light sensitivity and general “slow” feeling… it’s not unbearable. I can squint through typing this post, and I’m reasonably sure the words are all in the correct order. As per usual, I won’t guarantee proper use of punctuation. Comma shmomma.

Migraines can be caused by a few things and vary in severity. Mine are caused by hormones or lack of hormones, I forget how it all works, really. Something to do with the moon, I think? That sounds familiar… oh well, it’s just a thing that happens and I do not worry about it anymore except when it interrupts work or fun or anything in between those things. Alright, I still worry a little. Some months I don’t even get a migraine… just the Aura.

Taking things easy today. Resting my eyes when I can and listening to music. I’ll be back to “normal” in 24 hours or so. Or, at least back to “Aimee.”

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