In response to the recent terror attacks, I remarked to a friend… I can’t human today. Their reply: Look for the good. A few hours later, I read a tweet from Elizabeth Gilbert saying “…Remain human.”

It was a comfort to be reminded that I’m not special, that others also feel they “can’t human” when the unimaginable happens.

On any given day, I appear to have things together. Really, though, I put a lot of energy into keeping “emotional untidiness” locked down; making it to the next moment without catastrophe (real or imagined). Inner dialogue can be merciless; because anxiety means I’m “pathetic and shamefully self-absorbed.” I tell myself it’s stupid, useless, irrational. And when I’m doing okay… hyper-critical thoughts will tug at even the smallest fray.

Some days the world seems too awful to bear. On those days, don’t close your heart. Don’t turn small or dark. Grieve & feel. Remain human.Elizabeth Gilbert


After all, humanity is a practice in redemption.

Image © Aimee McEwen, if shared please link back to post.

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