what’s left

Needed to post ALL WEEK, but posting about my own mental wellness or the lack of cold weather or other more trivial things seemed less important than snuggling my dog or talking to my cats, watching Arthur Christmas for the first time or sleeping (which I have been doing a lot of this week).

I’ve been self-soothing, avoiding the nightly news, ignoring the dirty dishes and neglecting my tangled up curly mop (permanent bedhead, I’m afraid). The World feels heavy. I’m feeling wobbly.

Breathe in.

If we could all just stop and think and see that we’re all the same and, at the same time, accept that we’re all different; that different can be okay, and not threatening – that we need to show love as much as we need to be loved.

I’m tired of the arguments about right and wrong, ignorance vs. tolerance, prayers vs. legislation. The black and white of it all. The ego-deficits and the crush to get more attention. Likes on FB and Twitter are the new Participation Trophies. It’s junk food for your soul.

Life is fragile and so very brief. The time and energy we waste hurting each other, and to a further extent ourselves, makes that fact even more tragic. I woke up today and thought to myself: Show love today, small gestures add up; maybe even enough to balance out the heaviness of the World. Soften your edges, be a light in so much dark.

Breathe out.

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