Wow, shortest Christmas ever…am I right? I was wicked excited to start celebrating after work on Christmas Eve. I hopped around a few stores… all last minute like… even though there was nothing I really needed. By the time I made it home I was pretty tired though… so I did some minimal house cleaning and rested with my furry children and a squishy blanket. It was not cold at all so I cranked the AC to a chilly 65 degrees and watched It’s a Wonderful Life.

Christmas morning I was up early, I am not sure what I was expecting but I was in a really good mood so I got showered, put on **almost** all the sparkly makeup I own and took Mac for a long walk. It was 80 degrees that day but I didn’t mind. I was wearing a Santa t-shirt I got as one of my work-Christmas gifts which means for once, and on a few levels, I was dressed appropriately. I thought my family was going to call and facetime with me but they forgot or couldn’t or something. I made a joke about it on FB and instead of opening presents with family I blythely made a game of opening my gifts where I played tug of war with Mac. He would tear a bit of the wrapping paper off then run around the house like he just won the World Series. After about ten rounds of that we made breakfast and binge-watched Christmas movies.

Me and Mac celebrating his World Series win.


All that might seem a lonely day to someone else. For me, though, it was enough and to get through a holiday without feeling sad, worried or anxious was the best present I could ask for, really. Aside from the facetime debacle, I was content the entire day and even the weekend. Yesterday was a good day because I cleaned out the ol’ makeup bag and got some new stuff (replaced stuff, mostly). Actually, I got a new makeup bag AND new makeup (I’m so damn fancy)… I’m not sure why that makes me happy but it does. I’m also getting excited for the New Year… in which I will turn forty. I’ve always looked forward to turning forty… all my social media profiles say “nearly 40” and it will be awesome when I can change it to “actually 40”. I’m a weirdo, don’t even care.

In January I get to go to a wedding! I forgot about it actually until today and now I am super excited because it is going to be so freakin’ fun!!