My theme for this year is:

Make today better than yesterday.


Twenty-Sixteen is here! Are you looking forward to each new day it brings? I’m not a person that does resolutions. Instead, I tend to choose a theme or maybe just one word to focus on. One goal I did make last year was to read more. At first I thought, “One book a month!” then I got real with myself and decided on “Six books this year!”. I read seven books, and that’s awesome (yay me!). The last one I read was Furiously Happy (Jenny Lawson). It’s a great book and I recommend it to anyone that loves to laugh and feel deeply then laugh again. My theme for 2015 was “start something”. I could have probably put a bit more thought into that and added “then finish it!”. But whatdya gonna do, right? I followed the theme pretty much all year. I read all those books, didn’t I? I went full-on Food Plan in June and got much healthier, didn’t I? As usual, life threw me a few curveballs. I try to remember life is not privy to our plans. Life does what it wants when it wants and we have to do our best to roll with the punches. It’s a fight-dance.

This year there will be a lot of purging of unnecessary burdens (real and imagined), and less worry. Because, in spite of what you may have heard, I am not a professional fight-dancer. In fact, I’m more likely to retreat into my Aimeecave and sleep through the whole thing. A huge “obstacle” this year for me is mental wellness (maintenance and support). My mental wellness drives all areas of my life. That’s how I’m wired, I accept this about myself. The people that love me also accept this and I’m so grateful to have their support.

A few months ago I was wandering around online and clicked over to a site showing this beautiful Exhibition in 2015 from Light Grey Art Lab . 100 artists contributed work to create an Oracle and Tarot Deck + Exhibition (called COSMOS). One of the artists was Teagan White, whose work I’ve talked about previously on the blog, but there was another artist’s card that I was drawn to immediately (no pun intended):


– Illustrated by JL Hirten –

On the Light Grey site you can view all the COSMOS artwork together in a gallery. When you view the gallery and hover your mouse over each image the meaning of the card shows up. After I read the EQUULEUS meaning I knew why I fell in love with it.


“Equuleus is a reminder that each individual has a place in the universe, just as they are.”

This is the crux of the fight-dance between my anxiety disorder and mental wellness. How do I relate this back to my 2016 theme? The simplest way I guess is to remember I am here. All my strengths and my vulnerabilities can exist together in this one person and because of that… I can thrive.

We can love ourselves as we were, as we are, and as we will be. Change is inevitable, love is absolute.

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