After two accidental glutenings since Friday(last) it was not my best week. I’ve been having discomfort and mild depression. Each time this happens I get even more vigilant about what foods I’m consuming. The good thing about this is that I know there’s hope; I’ll feel better in time and I’ve not damaged myself too badly.

Four years ago, when I had no idea gluten was an issue for me, I would spiral into my symptoms and feel helpless. Things are different now. I’ve learned a great deal about my food sensitivities and I’m thankful for a doctor that listened. Ten years ago it was a huge mystery what was causing my illness and now there are whole GF sections of the grocery store…restaurant menu substitutions…info on **most** food labels in BIG BOLD text, online forums and dedicated food blogs.

Gluten sensitivity is almost normal…no biggie.

If I ask what is in this or that dish (at work, a friend’s house or a restaurant) people don’t balk at me, act confused or assume I’m trying to lose weight with some trendy diet fad.

I’m thankful for the increased awareness, and will remember that now is better than before.

Awareness makes all the difference.