looks like rain


Still not feeling “well” though I can say I feel “better”. May is slipping away into June and my days are slipping by even faster than that. It’s our slow time at the day job, for which I am thankful because I’m not great at the moment and could just as well stayed home today. I pushed myself out of bed though, because I’m pretty low on vacay time since taking seven days for my trip to NY. I think I have two whole days left for the rest of this year. I’m quite certain that is not enough.

Today I am a bit stormy; tired, impatient and less able to filter my words or soften my tone. I feel an urge to pull away from things and people. This is the depression. So far I’m not hiding or sleeping all day. I’m doing things, and dealing with people. Spilling my randomness into this space – as a way of waiting out the fog – does help. Later I’ll read this post back (for typos) and I’ll hate myself for whining or being uninteresting, but I won’t delete it. To be honest, I’ve not been fond of my last few posts but they are still here. I won’t edit my life and make it shiny for internet lookie lous that pass through or even for myself.

I decided to start a project, read a book, post essays, avoid alcohol, drink water, sleep (not all day), exercise (hate this one), be kind to myself (not great at this one either)…until things improve.

I’m creating typography that reminds me of people I care about or things I need to remember.

It’s a lot of flowers, I know…


“I imagine that yes is the only living thing.”   E.E. Cummings


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