yay jasmine


I watched as a tall, thin women dug up her front yard and planted viney plants at the base of a plain, black wrought iron fence. The plants were meticulously spaced and, since I’m not exactly plant savvy, I wondered what would become of them. A few weeks after that an archway was added to the fence and I thought “Oh, that’s going to be so pretty when the vines fill in.”

Wow, that was almost two years ago.

Last weekend I was walking the dog past that same fence and it is absolutely cloaked in jasmine, even the arch. It’s beautiful and the scent smacks you in the face about 18 feet before you reach it. Which is just how I prefer my jasmine, actually.

After we returned from our walk I was thinking about how lovely that jasmine was and I remembered I had soy wax and some fragrance oils in my stash (read: craft hoarder closet). I found sweet orange essential oil, and a bunch of FO’s, one of which was jasmine(yay!), wicks (check!), bases (check!), mason jars (check!).


So good!

The cold throw is strong enough that I can smell it as soon as I walk in the house. I’ve skipped getting myself any bouquets (#b-okays) the last couple weeks (because pollen allergies) but this little candle is an awesome alternative.

images © Aimee McEwen