branching out

A large branch fell into my backyard last night. We’re having a lot of rain, remnants of tropical storm so and so. Even though I was still in my pajamas, I decided the branch was not too large for me to drag out to the edge of the yard and heave over the chain link fence. Branches like this tend to be wonky and I was maybe a little outmatched. Eventually the branch came to rest just outside the fence. I was satisfied with myself and lucky not to have lost an eye – when the branch smacked me in the face while I was shoving it over the fence. Once I got dressed and made it to work I found two tiny twigs embedded in my hair.


At first, I thought the twigs were from the wreath I made over the weekend. I’d caught my hair on it at least three times the same day I displayed it on the front door. Then I remembered that I removed the wreath from the door once the storms began. So, I’d apparently forgotten about the a.m. wrestling match and that there was no longer a wreath hanging on my door.

I’m counting this wreath as one of my B-okays. Since my allergies are raging, I’ve not brought any new live flowers into the house. For the time being, it’s in my living room and can stay there until the sun comes out. We are in hurricane season though…which I also forgot about.

While talking to a friend over the weekend I mentioned feeling a bit lost. This morning I felt that way too. This tends to happen when I’m not being fully present; when I’d rather be in my aimeecave, or when I’d rather not be anywhere at all. Obviously, I’m still fending off depression; forcing myself to complete projects, leave the house, eat my vegetables, etc.

And completely clueless as to the proper – or at least consistent – use of commas.

I do like how the wreath turned out. Eucalyptus is a favorite. My Mom always kept it in the house along with peacock feathers (my Aunt had a few peacocks.) I thought about adding some feathers to the wreath but I didn’t want it getting crazy. I mean, as it is, things are crazy enough over here what with the daily anxiety attacks, tropical storms and tree wrestling. Oh, and I just now remembered there’s a GIANT spiderweb on my back steps. I nearly walked into it after dispatching the branch.


In other weirdness: I googled Wyoming today…seemed a decent distance from where I’m at…to maybe start over…raise some peacocks of my own. You know – things people think about doing once they win the lottery…even though, like me, they never seem to remember in order to win the lottery you actually have to play the lottery.

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