So far…January hasn’t been too bad, considering the all the crap we have to look forward to…sorry, that sounded a bit negative, didn’t it? Most of the time I prefer not to be negative in this space, if it’s not constructive or funny I’ll usually just keep it to myself. Which accounts for the gaps of time between posts. Right now I’m being very careful with my self-care and food planning and slowly crawling out of the depression I’ve cloaked myself in for the last year.


Sometimes, for me,  self-care, looks like detaching –or retreating into my aimeecave, as I like to call it. That’s what it may look like, actually it’s just me re-calibrating myself so that I don’t I fall back down the rabbit hole.

Exercise helps, much to my dismay. I’m moving more the last few weeks than I have in a while. Next I’ll work on getting to bed earlier. Sleep is magic, and getting adequate rest is so much better than burn-out. I’ve also started doodling in the ol’ sketchbook; scribbling helps me cope with over-thinking. Which I do a lot of…somebody referred to it at overactive thinking. I don’t know if that’s completely accurate. Also, I am not sure if it’s possible to be too self-aware…because sometimes that’s how I feel when I can’t calm things down (up in my brain.)

In other news…


Somebody’s getting married!

Not me (maniacal laugh) but I’m the one that gets to design all the pretties! I’m too excited; it’s nice to have something like a wedding (as long as it’s not mine) to look forward to. ♡