“I will write more!”

**two months later**


Things have been strange/difficult the last two months and that’s not always the best time to post on the blog. Plus, I’m tired. We’re all a bit tired, I’m sure.

The internet and social media is mucking me up. Detaching from the feeds and scheduling my time online more thoughtfully is what I’m doing for the rest of the year. There’s a lot of things I love about the internet, sometimes it feels like the only connection I have to other humans (hermit alert), though I find the good can be almost as draining as the bad.


I’m in that between-space. That place where you need to make changes and wriggle out of the space you’ve made for yourself because it’s stifling or dark or mucked up. Things feel mucked up and I just want to un-muck, you know? Maybe it’s the Spring? Maybe it’s the hayfever?

(effin pollen, am I right?)

The other day I picked myself up off the couch, went into the kitchen and made a candle then I planted flowers, and after that I went through my closet to change out the winter clothes to spring, walked the dog, and went to the grocery store to buy actual human food. So, yeah, I’m slowly doing things again. When I was deep in depression I wondered how anyone had time to do things – like laundry. It was too much to wrap my head around the idea that I could get the basic things done AND go meet with a friend or go to the movies…or read a magazine.


Now, I make plans to do things outside of the basics. That means I’m doing better with the depression – doesn’t it? To be able to see past the now and into the near future – just far enough to see the good that’s coming, that’s something like progress…♡