My furry baby, Mac, is still fighting an ear infection. We’ve had problems with his ears since he was very little. He’s on Apoquel for the inflammation. His paws also get inflamed and he’ll attack them if I’m not around to distract him, so we spend a lot of time napping and watching movies. On weekends we sleep in and he gets extra snuggles.

A friend of mine lost their black lab to cancer a few days ago. She was such a good dog. I’m very sad thinking of the pain and deep loss my friend is feeling. Last year I lost my older cat (18 yrs) and 5 years before that I lost my Bassett Hound (12 yrs) to cancer. I don’t think you ever quite get over it, not really.

Mac is 6 years old, and aside from his chronic inflammation, he’s healthy…but that didn’t stop me from imagining my life without him…I can’t even type that thought without tearing up. I was extra sweet to him over the weekend, we went on walks and he got lots of treats then a bath with the full spa treatment. We went for a ride in the car and he fell asleep in the back seat. I love this furry monster. ♡


Click here for Mac’s favorite Homemade Dog Treats recipe over at Pinch of Yum. He really loves them.