Mac, ma petite puce (my little flea), went to the vet for a recheck and got a B+. My final rabies shot was over a week ago so at this point I’d say we’re both “out of the woods.” Between the cat attack, my rabies vaccinations and Mac’s skin/ear problems, I’d like to avoid the need for any more doctor’s visits for a while.

We’re back to going on walks around the neighborhood but we steer clear of the street where it all went down. Mac is definitely feeling much better. He’s eating and playing and getting into trouble. He’s being a little bit of a baby and bossypants though, I’m sure he got used to the extra attention over the last few weeks.

I cut myself some slack this weekend and avoided chores. Sunday I was out “window shopping” with a friend, then we stopped for ice cream and it started storming outside. We watched the heavy rain roll over the parking lot while we inhaled our chocolate sundaes. We’re glad to see the rain, we hear thunder and our eyes widen gleefully; with all the wildfires in Georgia and Florida right now we really need a few more heavy downpours.

Tonight, I plan on having some quiet time, picking up the house (I made a wicked mess of it over the weekend), reading my new Magnolia Journal, with a big fuzzy blanket, some tea (Yogi: Bedtime) and my notebook. Maybe I’ll even do some (brain)stormin’ of my own.

How are you doing lately? How was your weekend? Were you able to get things done you’ve procrastinated or carve out some time for self-care?