Hello, Weekend! Hello, Summer! Hello, Beautiful!

Right to it then…I stumbled on this Vera Wang Embrace Rose Buds and Vanilla Eau De Toilette pretty randomly and it was such a surprise I’d thought I’d share a my little, uh, review-aye-poo. Rose and vanilla happen to be two of my favorite scents. I’m a snob about perfumes and usually stick to the same one…for years. When I go looking to change it up I find that most perfumes are too strong for me to deal with. I don’t want someone across the room to be able to smell my perfume. Frankly when I can smell someone after they’ve left a room I tend to feel offended so I definitely want to avoid being That Guy.

This one’s pretty tame. It smells like roses but not in an old-fashioned way (remember those pink rose-shaped soaps your aunt had in a dish on the bathroom counter that you weren’t allowed to touch but you touched them anyways even though they were just for looks…they might’ve even been a little dusty). No, this has a subtle real rose scent, and the vanilla (base note) is warmer than it is sweet.

Here’s the official description (if it helps at all):

Floral Oriental (ohhhkaaay  o_O). The top opens with a rich floralcy (this is a real word…I checked – just means it smells like flowers) of rose buds and a shimmering accent of mandarin oil. A heart of sweet magnolia and cyclamen give an elegant radiance that is effervescent on skin (what??). Intertwining in the background is the finishing touch of vanilla and creamy sandalwood.

Pew! I mean…PHEW!! That’s a lot of flowery language, aye? Well, it doesn’t seem that complicated a scent to me. I’ve looked so long for a decent rose/geranium scent that I had all but given up. AND HEY…it’s $30…they have it at Target and Walgreens and it comes in an even cheaper body mist for $10 if you’re feelin’ thrifty. This isn’t even an ad. I’m just so surprised I liked it and that it was so, ahem, cheap.

There’s three other scents in the collection worth checking out; Marigold and Gardenia, Green Tea and Pear Blossom, Periwinkle and Iris. If I were to choose another one, it’d be the Marigold and Gardenia scent (not on website) because it reminded me of Savannah.

Alrighty, well I’m all set for the three day weekend…yesterday I made a trip to the craft store and bought new pencils…they’re almost too nice to use…almost. I’ve got NO PLANS, except some naps…because I’m a bit hermity, and also because those ER bills started rolling in and I’m on a budget for a while…except when I need pencils and rosey perfume, obvs. ♡

Do you have big plans for the weekend or are you like me and just going to wing it?
Did I mention the pencils were 50% off? I mean, how could I NOT buy them?

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