tiny miracle


My beagle won’t poop in the rain. Sunday morning there was a storm that included flash flood warnings. I knew then (at 6am when the obnoxiously loud weather alarm sounded on my cell) that this was going to be a rough day for my little muppet.

I’m not sure if it’s a beagle trait, but Mac has never liked water. He’s the kind of dog that would rather jump over puddles than drink from them. He’s 6 years old though and I worry about the stress of not “going,” ya know? I have a hard enough time keeping him together as it is with all his allergies and chronic ear infections. So I “made” him go out in the rain and eventually (read 20 minutes) he POOPED and I was so proud of him that I posted it on the internet.

Him refusing to do his business in the rain is no small problem. Florida hurricane season is from June until October for gawdsakes. I wrote a poem about the struggle a couple months ago, which I feel is appropriate to share here with you, given the momentous occasion and the amount of strawberry margarita I consumed earlier with dinner. Ahem…

I Will Not Poop
-a poem by my dog

I will not poop,
Won’t even try.
Not in this rain,
I’m staying dry.

I will not poop,
My paws’ll get wet.
It’s raining out there,
Did you think I’d forget?

I will not poop,
Won’t make a peep.
Not ’til the rain stops
And you’re fast asleep.



Simple is good. – Jim Henson

Goodnight and have a glorious tomorrow! ♡


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