what’s this?


Day 10 of Inktober already. I’ve not missed a day yet, and I’m also a bit loony right now from staying up late every night. My dog is also not impressed. He has a strict bedtime schedule (10pm on the dot) and I’ve mess that up for him entirely. I still prefer my pencil drawings to the ink…because I am a giant baby and I’m not used to the pen yet. I’m only using a sharpie pen, like a 0.3 fine point. The most difficult part for me has been deciding what to draw. I set some parameters for myself on day one to narrow down the choices….all female (humanoid) characters, posed as if they’re having their portrait taken…and most of them from the shoulders up – unless we need more visual info to help make them easy to recognize because I’m not copying them from pictures or anything, just using my imagination. I downloaded Werble to my phone and added snow to the Sally illustration. Last night I drew Luna Lovegood and added some floaty wrackspurts. So far my Inktober has consisted of Maleficent, The Queen of Hearts, Cruella De Vil, The Mad Hatter (female), Ursula, Harley Quinn, Sally from Nightmare before Christmas, Arwen(LOTR) and Luna from Harry Potter…tonight I’m thinking I’ll do another “creepy” one. Usually decide about an hour before I start drawing. The Madhatter is probably my favorite right now.

I’ve started using some color ink, but only sparingly. The last few days I’ve wanted to use watercolor washes then draw/ink over that…we’ll see what happens. Only 20 or so drawings left! I love scrolling through and looking at everyone’s work. Found so many new artists to follow on instagram, glad I chose to participate. ♡