There was a time when I posted at least every Friday here about my week or the weekend or just silly thoughts that had been rolling around in my brain. I’m getting myself on a better schedule so I can go back to regular posting in November through to the new year. Hopefully they won’t all be about the weather. After inktober is finished I’m going to find another art prompt or make one of my own. Last night my drawing took a lot less time than usual…maybe I’m gaining momentum?

As far as my weekend plans, I’ve got a lot of sorting to do. Toss, donate, or keep? I’m sure the keep pile will be the smallest. I’m just ready, you know? I try really hard not to write about the weather on here…since there are so many other interesting things to write about (are there?). I live in Florida, so aside from natural disasters we’ve got it pretty good here. We had 2 mornings this past week that were a little “chilly” and it was awesome. The cold never lasts though. Still, I wore my fall boots and jeans and a light flannel and pretending it was a mild Fall day in New York, where I grew up. I always hated those cold gray days (which was most days, to be honest). Here in Florida I can pretend it’s “Fall” and get away with cute fall boots, light scarves, fingerless gloves, and not worry about rain and mud and chapped lips and achy bones….but I’m not gonna write about the weather. Happy Weekend, stay warm. ♡