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click to download 2560×1600 desktop wallpaper

We’re going to get cold weather this weekend in Jacksonville! Below freezing on Sunday according to the news. I’m planning on cozying up with hot cocoa and the furry children, watching Christmas movies and, of course, continuing to move my things from the tiny townhouse to the new house…which I don’t have a cute name for yet. It’s a “flip” house, built in 1975, cinder block and brick construction…my favorite part is that it’s all one floor and of course the new washer/dryer combo we finally got delivered this past week.

Since I was feeling wintery today I decided to whip up some desktop wallpapers. I was eyeing some whitewashed wood “pallets” in the craft section at Walmart yesterday and wished I had the time and space to modpodge this fresh cut Christmas Tree sign before Christmas or even New year’s. (heavy sigh) But it’s just not going to happen this year. I’m seeing these kinds of signs all over Pinterest lately. (extra heavy sigh) This desktop wallpaper will do for now. The office is not even set up yet, to be honest…needs a new desk (ikea to the rescue). I’ve got a temporary desk (ahem, folding table) and internet so I’ll plop this wallpaper on my mac and be glad.

I actually did 2 versions of this wallpaper, the version above is the plain one and then I did a “fancier” one, which I think I may actually prefer, since it’s brighter. What do you think?


click to download 2560×1600 desktop wallpaper

Welp, that hot cocoa’s not going to make itself, so I better git. I hope you have a chance to rest this weekend before the holidays completely take over! ♡


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