Super quick post, I’m a bit under the weather this week but this Derek clip made me laugh, so I’m sharing it with you. I’m “skipping” Christmas this year. There’s just been too much on my plate with the move and work and life and this whole year being so awful that I’m taking a pass on my usual Christmas shenanigans and taking time to “hush the house” as Layla Palmer would say. Gosh I love her. ANYHOOPS!

For the next week or so I’m going to continue moving into the new house, empty the tiny townhouse and drop a whole lot of gently used items at the Goodwill (I SOLEMNLY SWEAR TO NEVER ACCUMULATE SO MUCH STUFF EVER AGAIN)

The pets have adjusted well to the new place. I’m a little stressed about keeping the house clean though so I find myself constantly tidying up…which is a little bit entirely exhausting, ya’ll. Mac LOVES going for walks in the new ‘hood and my cat caught his first lizard last night (they sneak in from the kitchen door that goes to the garage.)

We’ve made dinner a few times, so much better making food in a larger kitchen – I had no idea. OH, and we got the new washer and dryer delivered a couple weekends ago so, yeah…I feel like a movie star almost every day now. I’ve not had my own washer/dryer since I was 28…like 13 years ago.

So, even though I’m skipping Christmas this year due to low energy and even lower funds I really feel like I have everything I could ask for and I’m extremely grateful. It bums me out not to be able to give gifts like I usually would to co-workers, friends and family but I’m being a grown up about it.

“Christmas is not about the presents, Aimee”

I’m looking forward to getting my Mom down to Florida for a visit in April, by then we should have the house all put together and the guest room ready. Should be a really nice time. Not sure if I’ll be posting again before the holiday so just in case: Happy Christmas to you, thank you for spending your time here with me! ♡

derek-happy christmas