begin again


How are things?

My things have finally completely been moved from the old and tiny townhouse to the old-but-new-to-me flip house. Remember when ‘flip’ was synonymous with ‘nightmare’? I do, it was before all those HGTV spin-offs showed us the good things about flipping and that not all flippers are scam artists. There’s not been any major issues at our flip – so let’s hope it stays that way. Have you ever bought a flip house? How’d it turn out? Or, maybe I don’t want to know?

Right now, the house is not very pulled together and even though it’s my own fault that’s not going to stop me from whining about it to strangers on mah blahg. Things feel all over the place. The garage is half full of things I still need to sort into their respective piles (trash or donate). I’ve worked on it every weekend since Christmas. I know I’m making progress but that garage is still half full of stuff…and I like things to feel done, you know? I wanna check that shit off my list and move on to the next project.

The furniture has been shuffled around to other rooms multiple times and it’s still not feelin’ right to me (sigh) I’m overthinking everything as usual. The house is 3 bedrooms but should the smallest bedroom be the office??? My gut says yes…but the house also has 2 living rooms so can’t one of those work as a “study” and that way it’s still a 3 bedroom house? With the rooms not having their purpose clearly defined, I feel stuck. There’s art and mirrors to hang…but not until the rooms are figured out.


Just Breathe.

This stuff isn’t really important, I know. Things don’t need to be perfect, life is never perfect. Life is messy and things change on you when you’re not even paying attention. Basically, I’m going through some growing pains, and I’m a giant baby.

Last night I made chili – for me and 18 of my imaginary friends. Is there another way to make chili than for a small army? It was decent. Today is supposed to be the coldest on record for January (in Northeast Florida) so a little (or a lottle) chili can’t hurt. I’d include my recipe here but it’s too simple; can of this, can of that, peppers, onions, tomatoes, beef and beans…oh and a dash of cinnamon! Really, try it! ♡



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