Hey you!

These last few weeks I’ve limited my phone/internet and social media time to focus on more intentional living and things are beginning to improve…I feel like since the hurricanes and the moving to the new house (after living in the same house for 12 years) I’m just dealing with all kinds of imbalance. First, I’m not where I want to be with my wellness. My BP is too high, my weight is ridiculous at the moment and my anxiety is making things worse, which is making my BP too high. Round and round.

**pauses to eat chocolate chip cookie number 2 before the cat can steal it**

Still adjusting to the new place and figuring out how to navigate having a house and all the responsibilities that come with it. There’s a lot of chores to do on the weekend and let’s face it…I’m lazy. I’ve done a decent job keeping up with things…making the bed, doing laundry, putting things back where they belong, rinse, repeat. Did I mention I’m making my bed? Every day?

The lawn had gone a bit yellow a few weeks ago, with all the hard freezes we had, but now it’s pretty and green. Actually, all the flowers and trees in the neighborhood are blooming and fabulous. Since moving here in December there were a lot of bare trees, so when we go for a walk it’s nice seeing everything wake up and come alive. We don’t have any flowering bushes at our place but I’ve brought flowers into the house to brighten things up and the bathroom got a mini Spring makeover (shower curtain @target).

I started reading The Rules of Magic, by Alice Hoffman. It’s a prequel to her book, Practical Magic. Usually, my eyes and brain are too tired after working all day on a computer to read for very long, but I’m slowly making progress.

Also switched our bedding over to something lighter…maybe prematurely since it was 45 degrees the other night and I was frozen. I’m stubborn, and I want it to be SPRING already, but we’ve had a few cold nights this past week. Don’t worry, I dragged the furry blankets back out because I’m a giant baby. A fat, stubborn, giant baby with high blood pressure and, apparently, a cat with a cookie problem.


That painting above the bed was my butterfly painting…it didn’t really fit anywhere in the new house so I painted over it and now it fits perfectly in the bedroom, thankfully. I loved the butterfly, but I felt like I needed to let it go and make room for something new.

Life is like that sometimes. ♡

top image viaAlisa Anton

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