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Almost every weekend I’m at the nursery staring at plants and flowers wondering which would do best at the house. We’ve got some minimal landscaping going on, it’s all low maintenance and survived the few hard freezes we’ve had without any problems (go plants!) I’ve got a few medium sized potted plants (rubber plant, lamb’s ear, hydrangea) flanking the entry, a lavender wreath on the door (similar) and four craftsman style solar lights along the front walk from the driveway. Nothing too fussy.

If you follow my instagram, you’ll see the pictures I take while wandering aimlessly at various plant nurseries – I snapped this one last weekend:


Simple is best.

Today I finally got my act together and planted herbs – in a tiered planter no less! Basil, lemon thyme, rosemary, greek oregano, pineapple sage, and lavender. I almost gave myself heat stroke, but we got it done (me, just me, actually). I’m really out of shape, ya’ll.

This is the planter – 3-tier, galvanized, about 40 inches, comes with the little chalkboard panels and CHALK (2 pieces)! Oh, and it’s already distressed with rust patches. Nice touch, hopefully it’s not going to stain the tumbled stone tile it’s sitting on. Guess I’ll have to watch for that, huh?


I set the planter up next to the front door, rearranged the potted plants and only a couple hours later the herbs are happily enjoying their new digs. The only thing I didn’t get planted today was mint. I wanted to try out the chocolate mint…but Lowe’s was all out. I settled on the greek oregano. We’ll see how it goes. ♡

Do you grow your own herbs? Which is your favorite? I love basil…because pesto, obvs. What should I write on the little chalkboard panels?  I was too tired to think of anything!

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