the rules of magic


Finished reading The Rules of Magic! No spoilers! I love the way Alice Hoffman writes. She weaves a story with many layers and writes with such empathy and a deep understanding of love, grief, redemption. I love that she always describes the texture of a scene, I almost require that in every book I read since my right brain likes to pull my left brain all over the place – away from the task at hand. It’s difficult for me to process a story without vivid details and tactile elements.

The Rules of Magic ticked all my boxes and made me cry more than once. After I finished the book I decided I’d order Practical Magic in hardcover. Pretty hard to find one though, lot’s of paperbacks. I’m a book snob though so I wanted a hardcover with the original sleeve to complete the set. Somehow I found one on Barnes and Noble, through Gulfstream Goodwill. There were original copies on ebay and amazon but they were $50 and up. So, I got mine for $5 plus shipping, about $12 total.

I’m a weirdo about books, and a cheap weirdo, at that.

Just getting into Practical Magic now, and so far it’s a lot different than the movie which is to be expected. Do you have a favorite book, series of books or favorite author?