Yes, we are.

Hey, guys, I’m here. Just like you, thinking heavy thoughts about things happening in the U.S. – from caging children, ignoring the true death toll in Puerto Rico, the reckless endangerment and MURDER of journalists, to daily reminders of the gross incompetence and corruption of our elected officials, the forsaking of the weakest among us, and the sickening erosion of human rights, and that’s not all, it goes on and on.

Many are beside themselves, deeply ashamed, more than angry…drowning in hate.

I’m supposed to know what to say here next…some kind of solution to all the fear and loathing…it feels trite to expound on the virtues of compassion, love, empathy and forgiveness when so very much is going so terribly wrong. In truth, I am tired of explaining to people (IRL and online) why we MUST care about other people. I’m woefully ill-equipped to absorb the apathy radiating from phrases like, “Not our problem.” Shaming people into caring doesn’t work. Whether it’s missing from their DNA or they lack the strength of mind to stand up for what is decent, I’ll never know.

What do we do?

Hold on to hope, look for the good, pay attention to those that ARE actually working for the greater good. Rely on people you respect for their knowledge AND their emotional intelligence. I want to keep believing that we humans ARE inherently good. I see it in the activism, advocacy and tireless defense of truth that somehow cuts through the constant and utter fuckery. Because, really, FUCK all the fuckery.

Vote, donate your time and money, vote, continue to show empathy and kindness to strangers, vote, when you see hate and bigotry you stand up and name it, vote, be a voice for the voiceless, vote, and don’t you ever – EVER –  abdicate your power to those that seek to infringe on the rights of you or others to exist in freedom, safety, and peace – VOTE.

I love you guys, be good humans, okay?

image viaJerry Kiesewetter

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