School started back up (in Florida) and pretty soon it will be “Fall”…it will still be 75 degrees, but we’ll all pretend it’s not. We’ll switch from ice tea/coffee to hot pumpkin chai whatevers, ditch the flip flops for boots (short and tall), then change out our chachkis (tiny gourd, anyone?)

We tend to be a bit blanket obsessed around here. Everyone gets their own, even the furry babies. I swaddle myself in blankets year-round, but it feels more cozy in the Fall. Like a license to hibernate, I guess.

The house smells like pumpkin pecan waffles and strong coffee. I’m rushing the Fall season a bit…the whole year, really. Feels heavy out there…and I want everyone to get through it unscathed. Hurricane season, flu season, holidays, work deadlines, nostalgia over the New Year. I’m worrying about things I can neither control or change (driving myself pretty close to the edge.) Somehow, I’ll figure out how to hush the worry; let my brain rest. Getting enough sleep and staying hydrated is a good start (going back into therapy would be a better start.)

I threw together some chocolate pancakes the other night (for fun?) 1 cup GF yellow cake mix, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup cocoa powder, one scoop Vega almond coconut protein powder, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, Hershey’s chocolate syrup (which I neglected to measure)


Yes, I ate these for dinner (two nights in a row). No shame. Been sharing more things like this on Instagram. It’s easier to post a few images or a story than to spill messy thoughts out into paragraphs. Of course, I’d like to feel together enough to do both. So, cheers **raises glass of pumpkin whatever** to getting out of this rut and back to writing (paragraphs) and you know, leaving the house…and stuff. And to Pumpkins! **clink**♡

image viaToa Heftiba

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  1. Cheers, mate! Here’s the fall, getting out of our ruts, loving pumpkins and blankets, and taking it a day at a time 🙂

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