farmer’s market fall desktop wallpapers

It’s officially Fall and that means seasonal desktop wallpapers – 15 of them, ya’ll!

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It won’t get chilly here in Florida until December/January, but the nights and mornings have been cooler lately, which is a nice change. I’m about to make a Target run, yay weekend! My beagle has been sick since July, lots of vet appts and stress. He has decent days and bad days and really bad days. Yesterday was a bad day. After months of wearing his cone in his crate he somehow popped it off and ended up rubbing all the fur from one of his eyes – it was his good eye too!  Fortunately I caught him on the puppy cam at the exact moment his cone unsnapped and rushed home so I know it was only 45 minutes or so of damage, but that was quite enough!

So far today we’ve slept in, ate breakfast, went for a short walk and now he’s napping peacefully. Hoping I can get out of Target for under $50 (I will avoid the Hearth and Hand section), come home finish the laundry and watch a movie with my furry babies. Anyhoooo, I set up 3 versions of each wallpaper (Pumpkin Patch, Hay Ride, and Autumn Quote)…so there’s a whitewash, a natural wood, and a dark wood version for each. There’s actually two sets of the Pumpkin Patch and Hay Ride – one with lots of flower and one with minimal flowers. I know some peeps are not into flowers. To download all 15 wallpapers, click here.

Wallpapers are set up 2560×1600, and at an “okay” resolution for print (12.8″x8″, 200 dpi). If you’re feeling crafty you can print/frame them, make iron-ons for fabric transfers (tea towels, pillows) or print them smaller (8″x5″) and make postcards, idk…tag me on instagram if you make something, I love seeing your projects.

Desktop wallpapers © Aimee McEwen. Personal use only. Not for commercial use.
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