Oh baby

Baby girl is here and she’s everything. Two weeks early, we were induced due to preeclampsia…although my blood pressure was perfect, I had some severe swelling, and told the midwife I wasn’t feeling well at all so they did bloodwork and urinalysis and decided the best route was to induce. We were admitted Monday morning, baby came Wednesday and we were discharged Friday afternoon. We’ve been home now about a week. I’m on bed rest, due to complications, so the grandparents and daddy have stepped in to do A LOT of the baby care. The last couple days I’ve been able to take care of her myself but I honestly am starving for more time with my baby. Super frustrating since I can only do so much before I hit a wall and have to rest. I know I’m getting better with each day though, it’s just going to take some time.

Baby girl is pretty chill and actually looks exactly like her daddy except she has my mouth and my hands. And she’s a redhead…which I was wishing for (like my entire life). I’m excited to see how many freckles she’s going to have. As I type this on my tablet with one hand and coffee in the other, the baby is sleeping in her bassinet next to me…only fussing every now and then, so I sense a diaper change is imminent. She’s a petite baby, 6lbs 5 oz, 19 inches. Which means she is swimming in most of her newborn clothes.

I’ll post more in a few days, maybe our birth story or just some pictures and an update.

Not entirely sure how this blog will develop in the next few months. I’m a new mom, an older mom (43) and things are changing pretty quickly. Maybe I’ll share how my ASD helps me (or doesn’t) through the learning process. It’s all new and a bit daunting but I know being a good mom is the most important thing I’ve done in this life so far and I can’t imagine not writing/reflecting on it in this space. Thanks for reading.

2 responses to “Oh baby”

  1. Congratulations! She is perfect! 💕

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