March 2020 desktop wallpaper

Made it through February…with only getting sick twice…for about 3 weeks. Now we’re constantly checking on the COVID19 virus updates. What is it, where is it, who’s gonna get it…as of my last check there are 60 confirmed cases in the U.S. Did I mention I am a germaphobe? If I could afford to take the baby out of daycare and live under a dome I totally would. But you can’t control everything, right? RIGHT??

My brain isn’t wired in the usual way. People try to “help” and say you can’t worry because you can’t control everything. Surprisingly, this does not help me at all (sarcasm). Just like telling me a disease is “rare” – no effect – means nothing…my brain has already absorbed the list of warning signs, symptoms, and comorbidity for later comparison and random fact retrieval/dispersal.

That’s what my brain does. Side-effect of constantly being afraid when I was child, never being taken to the doctor, oh yeah…and that pesky ASD.

You’re FINE. That phrase screeches across the chalkboard of my mind almost daily. My Mother’s favorite phrase…not to be confused with her second favorite phrase: Oh sure, talk yourself right into it (as in: talk yourself right into strep throat) or her latest favorite phrase: If you had the corona virus you’d be dead so…you’re FINE.

Jeezus. Don’t tell me I’m FINE, or that my baby will be FINE. I’ll rip your face off.


Honestly, if I didn’t have the baby I would probably be “fine” because of my hermity, germ-phobic tendencies. But she’s barely 6 months old and vulnerable. I’m still not recovered or completely healthy since the birth (a post for another time) and we’re at the mercy of daycare and others that spread germs. WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS, PEOPLE. Each time the baby catches a new virus I feel more frazzled; weaker.

Anywho, made a desktop wallpaper for March. We’re all going to have a good and healthy month, yeah? Sure. Talk yourselves right into it.

Click here to download the March 2020 desktop wallpaper.

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