April 2020 desktop wallpaper

How are we all doing? Seriously, how are you feeling? Any symptoms? Hopefully you are very well, sitting in your home safe watching your plants grow. The baby and I are healthy. Her Daddy is a truck driver so we only see him a few days every 4-5 weeks. He is somewhere in Oregon right now, was in LA yesterday. Last time he was home, the baby got her 6 month vaccinations and for two days after she was very sick with fever so we decided to pull her out of daycare and I would work from home just to be sure it was not the virus and instead a side effect of the 4 vaccines she received. That was 17 days ago and we are all still healthy so safe to say it was just a reaction to the vaccinations. Thank goodness. Her Daddy made sure we were stocked up on everything we need for at least a month and headed back out on the road a week ago.

Each interaction we have with the outside world resets the 14 day clock in my mind. So far so good. He did all the shopping when he was home and we’re on day 8 of that 14 day window-from the day he left back out. Now, there is speculation that EVERYONE should wear a mask…but the supply of PPE (personal protection equipment) is too low and the situations in hospitals nationwide is so dire, the CDC is reluctant to recommend we all wear masks. I have two masks in the linen closet (because I am a weirdo like that). They’ve been there since the baby got RSV when she was two months old (I thought THAT was scary at the time – but hey, the Universe said: Oh yeah? Hold my beer.)

Ironically or not so ironically maybe since we’ve been living like The Littles for over two weeks, the baby has never been healthier since she’s been out of daycare.

We made it to April, hurray! 30 more days of self isolation at least. I hope that Spring is on it’s way to you if it has not already arrived.

Link to download the April 2020 desktop wallpaper is below. I’ve got 8 more in the queue (ready to go) so check back at the beginning of each month for those. Stay safe, stay well, stay sane, stay human. We will get through this. Love you.


Click here to download the April 2020 desktop wallpaper.