May 2020 desktop wallpaper

Are you losing track of the days like I have been? I’m still working from home while taking care of my daughter but days are blending together with their sameness. Not complaining, I actually tend to thrive on routine. That said, I did not post the May 2020 desktop wallpaper as planned. C’est la vie!

Quick update on us: We are okay, Florida is slowly opening up. Of course, it’s too soon. I will spare you my rant. Today I will schedule the baby’s first physical therapy appointment since March. I’m anxious (understatement) about going there with her especially since we are both vulnerable to the virus. She really needs to be evaluated though to be sure we’ve not lost any progress with her torticollis. In the last two months she’s grown so much and gotten much stronger.


Click to download the May 2020 desktop wallpaper. I’ll will post the June wallpaper on-time, promise! Stay healthy and hang in there, guys. ♡

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