August 2020 desktop wallpaper

Two posts in one day? Don’t panic, I’m just catching up to August and updating some areas on this website to reflect the name change. What name change? Well, my one of tens of readers…I just changed the name of the site to The Indoorsy Project. Since having my daughter (and then a little Global Pandemic) I’ve been pretty scarce around these parts and you have probably already forgotten the old name anyhow. I get it, not even mad about it, moving on. (Shall we?)

My daughter is doing pretty well, by the way. Remember her? I set my instagram to private a while ago but if you could see it…it’s all pictures of her and sometimes the cat. She still goes to physical therapy and is catching up on her gross motor skills – not the cat…the baby. At 11 months this week she isn’t crawling or walking or cruising but she’s made so much progress and I keep reading that ALL babies are different and since I’m a bit extra different (read: ASD, and decided to have a baby at 43) I just take things one day or week or therapy appointment at a time.

I still work from home but the work is dwindling. I say that, and it is true, but August is my busiest month of the year and for some reason those projects are still on the schedule. Tired momma is tired though. Waiting for it to get easier but it just changes to a new harder level of self-doubt and sleep deprivation. Baby’s daddy came home after 5 weeks on the road and gifted me a virus. THE virus?? No idea. His 2 tests were negative but the tests are shit and we all know it so he’s got to go get a blood test to be sure of what we friggin’ had (I’m not even fully recovered – day 12, still cannot smell or taste anything). The baby is not showing symptoms. I am glad for this but super anxious that any day now she will have a fever.

And now we are all caught up. If you visit this space it may or may not look different…sometimes I can get a whole lot done and other times I only have enough time to pee, mom life (shrug). Here’s the August desktop calendar…I will post the September wallpaper on time, probably? I don’t know, we’re keepin’ it loose around here, know what I mean?

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