September 2020 desktop wallpaper

Click here to download the September 2020 desktop wallpaper.

We made it to September, and by no small miracle. The first 2 weeks of Covid-19 were the worst, the next 3 weren’t great but I slowly started to get back to my usual self. I still have trouble concentrating and I get some things mixed up more often than I used to but my sense of smell returned a few days ago. I’d say it’s at about 70% of what it used to be. Totally bizarre symptom. Not being able to smell anything is depressing, like someone sucked the color out of things you used to enjoy. You don’t realize how practical your sense of smell is, honestly. I burned a lot of food. I checked the babies diaper constantly because I was afraid she’d pooped and I wouldn’t notice. Eating food you cannot smell, feels wrong. It’s just texture, your appetite is nil. All that ordeal and our case was a mild one. We are tired and thankful. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home as much as you can – especially if you are feeling unwell or were exposed. I wouldn’t wish this virus on anyone. Oh, and get an antibody (blood test) – the nasal swab tests are shit. By the time you think you need a test the virus has migrated from the nose to your other organs – heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, intestines. Most blood donation centers will test your blood for antibodies if you donate, you’ll find out a few days afterwards. ♡ 

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