It’s the last day of September and I’m sitting here at my computer, watching my daughter watching way too much of The Wiggles and feeling sad, frustrated, hopeless. Yes, I watched the debate lastnight. No, that’s not the problem with me. We all knew what a mess that debate would be.

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Sad and Frustrated
In July/August I was dealing with my own Covid-19 nightmare and now watching how carelessly others are acting/reacting is extremely sad and frustrating to me. Recently I was mocked for “succumbing to the fear porn” – what a dickheaded(ish?) thing to say first of all.

This could be a new mom thing. Am doing every possible thing I can to care for and teach my baby girl or am I just constantly failing? I get to spend every day with her (since March). Her dad is gone 4-5 weeks at a time. There are no friends or family around. We go to physical therapy once a week, occasional check ups. I’m just trying not to make any mistakes. We’re planning to move closer to family so maybe that will help me feel less inadequate (or MORE, jear deezus).

Hang in there!
Stay safe, be well, drink more water, wash your damn hands, don’t touch your face, wear a mask (over your NOSE and MOUTH, grandma!) social distance, take vitamin C, D zinc…and be more kind to yourself and others…because we’ve all got this going on, you know. ♡