Is Lovevery Worth It?

The house smells like coffee and apple-bourbon-pumpkin candle. There are dishes in the sink and Bamba peanut butter puffs on the breakfast bar. In the background a locally produced TV show about things to visit/try around town (unironically) just ended and an infomercial has creeped into the void.

Thankfully it’s a breezy day. I’ve opened 3 windows to let fresh air in…fresh air with this season’s current pollen count is a bit of a misnomer. This is day (we’ve stopped counting) of isolation.

The child woke up at 5am, had one nap, and, aside from pulling all the little hairs out of the left side of my neck, she is her usual sweet, silly self. We’ve “raced” in tandem around the couch between snack and mealtimes. When mommy needed a time-out (I have old bones, okay?) we sat on her blanket in her new (almost finished) playroom with the new Lovevery developmental toys we unboxed yesterday.

If you’re wondering if you should try the Lovevery subscription, I have to tell you I am not disappointed we signed up. If you can afford the $120 every 3 months (that’s only $40/mo) then I say go for it. Our first box, The Babbler(13-15 months) Play Kit, includes some really nice wooden toys that kept us busier than any other toy ever, an adorable felted bunny burrow, a board book and a whole play guide. Which is exactly what I need, to be honest. The mom guilt is real. Fresh ideas, less screen time and more “play time with a purpose,” please and thank you! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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