December 2020 and January 2021 desktop wallpapers

Hey, you! Here’s the December 2020 desktop wallpaper and just to save time…the January 2021 wallpaper as well! It’s safe to say we will all be glad to bid 2020 adieu. This month I am taking time “off” to be with my little family. An unprecedented 3 whole weeks of just baby, daddy and mommy! We’ve trimmed our tree, raked the yard and cleaned out the garage (again) and are focusing on being present and together. Our Christmas cards even skipped Christmas! They say Happy 2021 and include pics of the baby girl. Speaking of, she is learning to walk (and fall) and it’s a bit nerve wracking!

Click to download December 2020 desktop wallpaper.
Click to download the January 2021 desktop wallpaper.
What?! Yep, a BONUS desktop wallpaper for December-click here!

I’m so not an overachiever but I did set up 2 December wallpapers for you.

What do we all have planned for 2021, hmmmm? Well, I’m working on something new and hoping you’ll join me here on The Indoorsy Project come January. (Virtual HUG)

Please be safe out there and stay healthy, practice kindness to yourself and others and remain vigilant…we will get through this season eventually. Bye 2020, Hello 2021.

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