to be clear

I’ve posted previously about this being a difficult year for so many of us and, honestly, I believe it’s probably going to continue that way. I had an interesting conversation with a friend yesterday about the lenses through which we view the world…lenses that are affected by our good and bad experiences – our weaknesses – strengths – our culture – our innocence, shame, guilt, pain. Is it possible to clear our lenses? And by doing so…eliminate the grime that’s warping our ability to see, with honest eyes, the beauty of our collective experiences? Would we feel safer, be happier…would it soften our edges…would our bitterness fade?

How can we begin to see things through a clear lens?

We check in with our empathy before telling ourselves a story about someone who’s different or estranged from us…life is much too complicated to be putting people in boxes or writing them off completely. Nobody is lost forever. Not me, not you, nobody.

We forgive people for what we perceive they have done to us. I say perceive, because remember that lens we’re using with the smudgy fingerprints and sneeze marks? Let shit go. Grudges are a waste of precious time and energy.

We forgive ourselves for being ‘imperfect’. Everyone makes mistakes, and ‘everyone’ includes you, you beautifully imperfect human, you. Each day is a new day and what we make of this gift (a whole new day) is completely up to us. And also…you DESERVE to be loved, feel joy, and to be accepted as you are – right here – right now.

We remember that, no matter where we come from, we are no better than the next person. Do not assume because you’ve fought hard and made it through some terrible shit that someone else isn’t also fighting their own terrible shit, fire breathing dragon or whatever (i.e. monsters vary).

Do not dwell in sadness, or drown yourself in darkness – the light will find you, but you’ve got to look up once in a while to see it.

…Change takes time and practice. I will practice clearing my lens over the next few months and we’ll see what happens…


Be well and stay present in
whichever ways that work best for you. ♡

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