i miss you, sticker book.

I’ve never been much of a collector. I just don’t like a lot of things cluttering my spaces. Life, itself, is already a bit cluttery – don’t you think? Imagine if I was responsible for an entire army of little ceramic cows or something? I’m not wired for that kind of commitment. The dusting alone is enough to make anyone go a bit loony. After thinking a while on it I tried to remember one thing I have ever collected these past 40 years.

All I could come up with stickers. Yeah, stickers…



So many memories came flooding back to me about how much I loved my sticker books. There were the standard glossies, the puffies, the oilies, the scratch and sniffs, the glitter, the holograms…the fuzzies!!! It got to a point where I didn’t want to “stick” the stickers, I would just leave them in the packaging. My perfect stickers in perpetual stasis.

It’s like another lifetime just came back and smacked me in the face. How could I have forgotten? But childhood is like that and adulthood is like this; you forget about the simple things (like popcorn scratch and sniffs) that brought you pure joy. Children celebrate, adults possess.

As I googled stickers and sticker books I was amazed to find so many other people like me out there…except they actually still have their “NRFB” stickers – and they are for sale (ebay, etsy, amazon). I also found a tutorial on how to make your own sticker book…card stock, patterned scrapbook paper, laminate, hole punch, binder…way ahead of you, internet.

I’m going to make a sticker book and all the stickers will be mine… MINE… ALL MINE!!! (evil laugh, dim lights, cue organ music, thunder and lightening). Ahem…maybe I’ll post my creation here when it’s done! (muuwaaaaah!)

And, let’s not forget we can make our own stickers through online services like MOO and Sticker Mule


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