new wallpaper mock-up


The wallpaper with mirror mock-up has been added to the designer’s resources page. I don’t know about you but over here October promises to be a very busy month for me design-wise. Work always does seem to ramp up the last few months of the year. However, the springtime is traditionally slow. I am grateful for the work, always, no matter what time of year.

If you missed my post from a few days ago, the news is I will be adding free color palettes to the mix (procreate and ai) starting next month. I also have plans for printables (encouragement/mindset), helpful templates (Etsy, social media, calendars/planners), and fonts in the next year.

Reminder: I’ve created a hashtag to follow the project on Instagram #TheIndoorsyProjectFreeMockup and would love to see the projects you share.*

source image: Unsplash, Hannah Busing
*All free files and tools made available by Aimee McEwen ( are for personal use only, may not be sold individually or packaged for resale in any manner. You may use the mock-up to promote/display your designs on social media, websites and in print (i.e. pitch and/or portfolio.) Attribution is not required. Files may not be reposted by individuals or aggregate websites without a redirect link to for download. Seamless patterns/artwork not included.