there’s room for you

A few days ago I created a wallpaper and pillow mock-up entirely with my phone using the GoDaddy Studio App. I hadn’t planned on doing it that way but Photoshop isn’t really an option when there’s a toddler passed out on your arm. So I created this mock-up with just my phone and my thumb:

Even the word art on the pillow was done using the app. I liked it so much that I recreated it in Illustrator the next day. I took that artwork into Procreate and made this little ditty:

I shared a short time-lapse on Instagram and decided I’d post the source files here for anybody that wanted to create their own version. This download includes an .ai, eps and png:


Tag your art with #ThereIsRoomForYou or #TheIndoorsyProject or @TheIndoorsyProject so I can see it.

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