hey, boo-tiful!

First, you should know there’s a mock-up’s on the Designer Resources page. Second, I’m working on a new collection inspired by hand-painted wall coverings, mark-making, and heirloom linens. I’m not really a “Halloween Person” but I’m good with “Falloween.” This year has flown by and I’m thankful. Good things are right around the corner…of that I’m certain.

Were you a crafty child? I was all about crafts and making things, and I really did raid my Mother’s linen closet for material to make little stuffed dolls and animals when I was young. Bless her for never scolding me and always buying me more polyfill whenever I asked. My parents were makers; Dad made beautiful knives for hunting and display, Mom knitted gorgeously intricate blankets.

“Bless her heart, she used the GOOD sheets.” – my Mother

I’m looking forward to doing artsy projects together with my daughter. She’s going to be a maker just like her momma.

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