my day planner

Like it or not, you need to manage your time in order to achieve success and some semblance of work/life balance. I have trouble managing my time throughout the day but I loathe schedules. So I made myself a very simple day planner page that divides my work into three categories: BRAND, CONTENT, LIFE.

BRAND: All things directly related to my surface design work.

CONTENT: Social media and website content

LIFE: Self-explanatory, yes?

I have an open area at the bottom of the page I can use for anything I want. I tend to put my graphic design contract work in that area. And, of course, I’m including my day planner as a free download for you! I set up a couple different options. I know that some left-handers like their checkboxes on the right side, and other people don’t need the lines or checkboxes. There is also a blank version since your areas of concern will vary from mine.

The 9-page PDF is 8.5″x11.” The design is minimal so that it won’t hog all your printer ink. You could print and pad them or place them into a binder, or use them as loose pages. If you prefer digital planners on an iPad you can import your page into a PDF annotation app (like Goodnotes or Notability) and use an Apple Pencil. ♡

Click for download.

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