keep going

Congratulations to everybody that completed Immersion 2022!

If you’re still working through the class modules, keep going! You can totally do this. You are not behind. Learning at your own pace is the best way to learn and this course was a massive step toward your goals.

If you’ve not tried any of The Indoorsy Project mock-ups yet I encourage you to download at least one (they are free) and, when you feel ready, add your work to it.

Mock-ups are great tools! They help us see the potential of our work, hone our aesthetic, and teach us about lighting and scale. They also show us what works and, more importantly, what isn’t working. After you try a few mock-ups you’ll probably want to learn how to make your own, which is pretty satisfying.

I’m putting together a guide to creating mock-ups using the same process that I do – it will go out to those on my Pretty Perks list so go sign up. I don’t want you to miss anything. Subscribers also get access to exclusive mock-ups and other designer resources.

If you add yourself to the list and don’t see an email from me, check your SPAM or promotions folder. And hey, if you get stuck or need help troubleshooting a pattern or mock-up file you can message or email me, I’m always here to help!

I’m an Immersion alum and a member of Flourish. Let’s follow each other on Instagram, yea?

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