hey there, dreamer.

I believe we can make our own dreams come true. It’s not easy and it definitely doesn’t happen without a plan. A very specific plan and actionable tasks are how dreams become reality. I created a set of simple worksheets for you to start the process of achieving your dreams. You can download them here

Naming the dream

Your very first step! SAY IT OUT LOUD. Write it down, or create word art then put it somewhere you will see it. Repeat the dream aloud to yourself, daily.

Share the dream

Tell other people about your dream and goals to achieve that dream. Share it on Instagram or start small and tell the cat, it doesn’t matter who. Just saying and sharing it will make it more real to you and that’s what’s important.

Actionable tasks add up

An actionable task is something specific that you can accomplish to help you reach your goals (ie: dream). Everything on your to-do list should have an actionable task attached to it with when and how.

Practice gratitude

List what you are thankful for each day and also appreciate how far you’ve come. It’s imperative to our success to not only be present in our current reality but also to find those pockets of happiness and gratitude for the present. It truly buoys the soul to practice gratitude while working to achieve our goals.

Prioritize problems

This one is simple. Identify the small stuff. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Do you have a particular skill set? Be proud of your strengths! And know that it’s possible to overcome our weaknesses with a thoughtful plan. Ask for help or seek out ways to broaden your knowledge and know-how (Skillshare, YouTube, online courses). Fun fact: most of my skill set I did not learn in college… I am self-taught!

If you’ve found this info and the worksheets helpful, let me know! Message me on Instagram @TheIndoorsyProject or email me at Hello@TheIndoorsyProject.com. ♡

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