cropped-cropped-bloom1“Mildly humorous “designosaur” with an over-developed sense of empathy writes about the human condition and spends **most** of her time alone, on the couch next to her dog, under a blanket, under a cat.”

Moth + Bloom

Moth: Nocturnal creature; the moth is ever-vigilant in following its path of light, symbolic of faith, vulnerability, intuition, determination.

Bloom: Flowers and plants, like the moth, are seekers of light. Delicate while resilient, they require a careful balance of nurturing, nourishment, foresight and restraint in order to thrive.

I’m an illustrator/designer/introvert and I write about intuition, creativity, empathy and compassion, insight, forgiveness, healing, understanding, mental wellness, my beagle, art and design, the creative process, therapy, and, of course, food. Thank you for spending time here. ♡