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origin story

As a person that works with vectors on a daily basis, I’m geeking out a little bit over this Vimeo about the origins of Adobe Illustrator and how a (completely brilliant) computer scientist developed the application to help his graphic designer wife and other creatives work smarter. Essentially redefining the future of graphic design and…

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flex your empathy

The price of apathy is the soul becoming inextricably tethered to the suffering of others; which is to mean we are complicit. Never abdicate power to the darkness or let it replace your strength with fear. Remain human; remain in the light. Continue to give hope to the voiceless so they will always know they…

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to be clear

I’ve posted previously about this being a difficult year for so many of us and, honestly, I believe it’s probably going to continue that way. I had an interesting conversation with a friend yesterday about the lenses through which we view the world…lenses that are affected by our good and bad experiences – our weaknesses…

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