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Aimee McEwen creates designs for textiles, wallpaper, and home goods. Her aesthetic is rooted in sweet nostalgia, botanical elements, and soothing hues.

For licensing and collaboration inquiries email Hello@TheIndoorsyProject.com

keep going

Congratulations to everybody that completed Immersion 2022! If you’re still working through the class modules, keep going! You can totally do this. You are not behind. Learning at your own pace is the best way to learn and this course was a massive step toward your goals. If you’ve not tried any of The Indoorsy […]

designer’s toolbox

When I began thinking about sharing a list of resources I use as a designer/illustrator I thought it’d be short and sweet. But then, when I wrote it all down, the list was longer than anticipated. Which I suppose is the goal of a streamlined workflow in the first place; seamless integration of traditional and […]

my day planner

Like it or not, you need to manage your time in order to achieve success and some semblance of work/life balance. I have trouble managing my time throughout the day but I loathe schedules. So I made myself a very simple day planner page that divides my work into three categories: BRAND, CONTENT, LIFE. BRAND: […]