easter parade


Happy Easter! I’ve been playing around with Instagram (now available for Android) and I pretty much LOVE it. Me and the furry kiddles had a lovely day yesterday. I made a bunny cake (carrot!) while they napped. Then we (okay, it was just me) colored some eggs. It was a tad experimental since I was using brown eggs (fresh from the farm, thanks Ronnie!). Then Mac and I made a Dunkin Donuts run and went for a few walks. He ran around the back yard all crazyfaced last night and subsequently got a bath. We slept like babies when it was all said and done. I have a few more eastery crafts to do today but for now I’m off to make some egg salad, (my favorite) and take Mac on a very long walk. This has been the best Easter ever and I have the BEST friends EVER. Love you guys.

Bunny Cake inspired by this post at Silly Bee’s Chickadees

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