before and after » dining room

Finally, the sun came out today and I could take proper pictures of the completed dining room. As I have mentioned before, it’s a teeny tiny space. But now it’s a teeny tiny space with a lot more spice.

I started by choosing a color palette. Sherwin-Williams was a big help here. I consulted with a store associate (thanks, Tom in Riverside!) and utilized their online Color Visualizer app. Very cool. The main color is called Peppery. My mom sent me an awesome table runner (it’s actually a scarf, but awesome as a table runner and Mom-approved). How does she always know what to get me? (probably magic)

I now have a lot more storage. The table has a discreet yet spacious cubby at it’s base and the faux leather storage ottoman (stealthily hidden from Mr. Kitty under a quilt) holds my kitchen linens, special glassware and other fancypants whatnot. I put inexpensive sheers on the two windows, they filter the light perfectly and the leafy shadows that come across the table during mid-day are soothing (click the gallery above to see the images larger). I’m THISCLOSE to painting the even tinier kitchen space a midnight blue. Totally serious. Maybe this Fall?

I’ve made a lot more dinners since vamping this space and even more desserts. I love it so much.