Etsy’s recent featured seller, Pomber, crochets the cutest mittens and fingerless gloves! Obviously, I am partial to cute little animals (did you see my new calendars yet?) but, also, it’s “Knit all the Things Season” and I think Pomber’s shop items fit my aesthetic perfectly, don’t you?

The maker behind Pomber, Olivia Kovács talks a bit about her creation process in the featured seller interview and this photo really struck me:

Look at the adorable process work in that notebook! I LOVE seeing process work. And I’m quite obsessed with my notebooks. I’ve got stacks and stacks of them. So, while I was reading the article, Olivia immediately felt like a kindred spirit.

So far, I have knitted 2 cowls. They were both for myself, mind you…but I have plans to gift a few…really…I do. I plan on knitting up some fingerless gloves (or arm-warmers, if you prefer) as well. Well, I hope everybody has a good weekend and that those up North without power can get some relief soon. My heart goes out to the many that are suffering.

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